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Pay attention to the growth needs of employees and provide them with growth environment and development platform. Employees can acquire knowledge,
skills and experience through self driving, so as to create greater value for the enterprise.

  • goertek

    Has an international vision, diversity,
    inclusive executive team.

  • goertek

    Executives with high career passion,
    rapid growth and enterprising spirit.

  • goertek

    Has the industry influence,
    the excellent technical expert team.

  • goertek

    It brings together young talents with ideals,
    passion and innovative consciousness from all over the world.

General behavior requirements for employees


Customer orientation

Insight into customer needs, provide customers with quality products and services, directly or indirectly create value for customers, and continue to make customers satisfied. Through unremitting efforts, the achievement of customers, and customer common growth.

Employee growth

Pay attention to the growth needs of employees, provide employees with growth environment and development platform, employees through self-drive, acquire knowledge, skills and experience in the struggle, create greater value for the enterprise, achieve the company, and achieve the common growth of the enterprise and employees.

Honest and pragmatic

Honesty and pragmatism is not only the cornerstone of the company's survival and development, but also the guarantee of the style of value creation. Employees keep their promises to themselves, to others, to customers and to partners, loyal and reliable, and enterprises keep their promises and fulfill their responsibilities to their employees. Be down-to-earth, undistracted, pursue the effectiveness of the results, and unswervingly achieve your goals.

Win-win cooperation

Cooperation is an effective way to achieve the goal, and win-win is the result of cooperation. Trust each other, achieve the goal together, and maximize the benefits of both or more parties through value creation.
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