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Pay attention to the growth needs of employees and provide them with growth environment and development platform. Employees can acquire knowledge,
skills and experience through self driving, so as to create greater value for the enterprise.

  • The principle of seeking virtue
    Looking for people with the same interests as our company.
    Committed to the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness of employees.
  • Talent development
    We firmly believe that talent is the most valuable resource of an enterprise, and talent development is the key to the development of the company. Therefore, attracting talents, cultivating talents, retaining talents, motivating talents and achieving talents are the ideas of our human resources work.
Allcent talent
  • Top management team
    It has an international vision, diversified and inclusive senior management team.
  • Senior management
    High career passion, rapid growth and enterprising executives.
  • Technical expert team
    With industry influence and excellent technical expert team.
  • Young talents
    It has gathered all the young talents with ideals, passion and innovation consciousness in China.
"We firmly believe that talent is the most valuable resource of an enterprise, and talent development is the key to the development of the company. We welcome people of insight from all over the country to join us.
—— Chairman of Quansheng

Here you can swim in the ocean of precision metal.

Social insurance and house fund pays the allowance, we provide fair and just promotion opportunities, give a broad platform for development.

We are all looking forward to your joining us!

  • Information Project Manager

    Job requirements:
    1. Male,major in data informatization or internet related;
    2. Engaged in planning and design related work related to intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, and data informatization for more than 5 years;
    Salary: 15K-25K
  • business manager

    Job requirements:
    1. Major in sales or related majors in CNC and machinery manufacturing;
    2. College graduates who aspire to engage in sales are also acceptable;
    3. Strong communication skills;
    4. Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;
  • CNC technician

    Job requirements:
    More than three years of working experience in CNC hardware precision small parts tuning, familiar with the cutting performance of stainless steel materials, Experience in mobile phone precision hardware processing is preferred.
  • Scheming master

    Job requirements:
    1. Responsible for writing the program of the core machine (turning and milling compound 5-axis) according to the drawings, and debugging the qualified products;
    2. Responsible for equipment production exception handling;
    Salary: 10K-13K
  • CNC project engineer

    Job requirements:
    1. Responsible for the evaluation and analysis of the project initiation by the customer, confirming the project schedule cycle, etc.;
    2. Responsible for the planning and follow-up of project proofing;
    Salary: 10K-14K
  • Clerk (front desk, production, statistics)

    Job requirements:
    1. Front desk phone answering, customer reception, express delivery and delivery;
    2. Reception of interviewers and dormitory arrangement;
    3. Proficiency in computer operation;
    Salary: 4.3K-4.7K
  • Quality Engineer

    Job requirements:
    1. There are no gender restrictions,with more than 2 years of work experience in lathe or CNC industry;
    2.Promote the completion of product sample signing;
    Salary: 8K-10K, plus 1K-1.5K if you are proficient in English writing and speaking
  • Engineering Assistant/Clerk

    Job requirements:
    Men and women are not limited, under 36 years old; with engineering assistants working for more than two years, CAD drawing software must be skilled in use; 3D drawing software is preferred; communication strong ability.
    Salary: 5.8K-6.8K
  • Security captain

    Job requirements:
    1. Loving and dedicated to work, with certain coordination and leadership skills;
    2. Familiar with the security management process, strong in principle, dare to manage things;
    Salary: 4.8K-5.8K
  • IPQC

    Job requirements:
    1. Good eyesight and strong sense of responsibility;
    2. Experience in inspection is preferred;
    3. Good at thinking, careful in work, able to adhere to principles and distinguish right from wrong.
  • Assistant Business Manager

    Job requirements:
    1. Be careful and quick thinking.
    2. Strong self-motivated, modest and studious.
    3. Strong communication skills and cheerful personality.
    4. Proficiency in computer operation.
    Salary: 5K-6.5K
  • Tea master

    Job requirements:
    1. Good appearance and good temperament;
    2. Be patient, careful, and good at communication;
    3. Able to study with an open mind and a sense of service;
    Salary: 4K+ commission (not capped)
  • Quality inspector

    Job requirements:
    Female, under 38 years old, with a junior high school degree or above, good eyesight, flexible hands and feet, good quality awareness, and strong sense of responsibility. No experience is required.
    Salary: 4.8K-5.5K
  • CNC operator

    Job requirements:
    There is no restriction on gender, junior high school education or above, under 40 years old, normal vision, flexible hands and feet, hard-working, no experience required.
    Salary: piece rate, normal 6K-7.5K, guaranteed minimum 5K
  • Seller

    Job requirements:
    1. The working place is the tea house (tea and wine) in the company clubhouse;
    2. Have sales-related professional knowledge, and have market development capabilities;
    3. Good communication skills;
    Salary: 8K-16K
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